1377 3 dodboken7 dvd usb komplettFor many of us, the information we have in advance about the family is scarce. Thankfully there are a large number of very useful CD/DVD-records to help you find the way into the Swedish church records.


The Swedish Death IndexThe Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies has released a number of databases on DVD that facilitate the search for your Swedish family, the most important one is the Swedish Death Index.

The Swedish Death Index is a searchable database that is output on DVD and USB memory. The database is an extremely appreciated tool for genealogists, both in Sweden and abroad. For many Swedish genealogists, novice and experienced, searching the Swedish Death Index is the first step to find new relatives.

Swedish Death Index 7 is the most recent version that covers the years 1860-2016. It contains approximately 13 million entries and is almost 100 percent complete with regard to name, date of birth and death, marital status, convocation and address. Birth congregation occurs for 98.5 percent of all dead after 1900 and to 92 percent for the period 1860-1900.

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cd skivor

Swedish census 1880-1990A total of six different CDs containing all persons who were registered in Sweden in the end of 1880 (4,6 million people), 1890 (4,8 million people), 1910, (5,6 million people) 1970 (8 million people), 1980 (8,3 million people) and 1990 (8,6 million people). The full details are name, residential address, date of birth and birth parish (both including county). The databases contain computerized transcripts of household examination rolls, prepared by the parish vicar or clerk and sent to the government agency SCB (Statistics Sweden).

The CD-records includes information on name, birth year, birth parish and place of residence (county, parish and village/city) relationship to others in the same household and occupation and sometimes, notes about health or legal status.

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For other useful CD/DVDs, please look at The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies online Bookshop!

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