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Gustaf Albert Petersson född 25 mars 1861 Hasselö Loftahammar. Död 1939. Sjöman som Utflyttade 1889-90 till Sydney Australien och blev fårfarmare. Fick barnen Gottfrid, Fraces, William, Rudolf, Oskar, Hilma, Kate, Augusta, Vera och Sally. Gustaf Albert far finns på bild #46037. Från samma album som #46455.

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2013-05-19 08:22:20 Ulla-Britta Stävmark Andersson
Gustaf was aFurrier, dealer in animal skins not ablev fårfarmare. From approximately 1900 he was established as a Furrier in the burgeoning skin trade. He described himself as a &#147,Storeman&#148, in his naturalisation application and in Kate Peterson and Arthur Preeo&#146,s Marriage Certificate and in subsequent electoral rolls his occupation was noted as &#145,Furrier&#146,, although his death certificate has him a &#145,Skin and Wool Buyer&#146,. Rabbit fur was the prime material in making hats and it is here where Gustaf made his living. Gustaf was well regarded and successful in the trade and had pioneered a process that made felt from rabbit pelts, supposedly based on knowledge he brought with him from Sweden. The fur and skin trade with Europe and the US was an important one in Australia at the time. Trade in sheep, kangaroo, possum and wombat, as well as rabbit skins, and practically any other animal that ran, swum, hopped or flew, was extensive . Kommentar från släkting i Australien

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